Monday, August 23, 2010

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50 Days until AMDA!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ok, so since this is a really late, I apologize, but since I did start this one in June, I just got distracted, my bad. Life got distracting Alright well, the AMDA countdown is currently at 71 days, and until then, as you know I have been attempting to find a begin classes/ move in outfit appropriate for my beginnings at a NYC school. I also must admit that as much as I hate the books, I am a huge Twilight movie fan, and my friend and I got tickets to the midnight showing of Eclipse this week. After re watching Twilight for the billionth time, I am going to give you three different looks that are reminiscent of the main Twilight women, Bella, Rosalie, Alice. A day version that can be worn to a music class, or on a lunch date. So here we go, let's start with Rosalie first.

Rosalie Cullen- slightly a Bi%$h but in the end she is in a lot of emotional pain, and looks gorgeous doing it! I decided to go with a simple dress with a button down top and a slightly flared bottom, this can be layered underneath with a longsleeve tee, or on top with a long or short sleeve cardigan. I have included a shoe option, brown flats with slight detailing on the back that keeps them from being boring, and a brown heel that is Maryjane styled, open-toed and has stud detailing. I have included the always present black leather bag, which is obviously not part of the 100 or less lineup, but as always, my statement is a good bag is a good investment. I choice a simple brown belt to add a sense of dimension at the waist, and a layered necklace with a floral add on that just adds a hint of whimsy, because lets face it, its Rosalie previous life as a beautiful no it all full or herself princess, that leads to her new life, so that added floral whimsical point is necessary when creating a look that expresses her person.

Next is Alice. Alice Cullen is quite whimsical which allows nonchalance to be harbored towards her power. Let me tell you she has more going on than some flighty flips and her love Jasper. The girl has more power in her pinky, well anyways the outfit I chose here reminds us of Alice's strength and her covering of vulnerability. This outfit is both feminine and strong, as well as youthful and pretty.
I have taken a simple light blue dress and paired it with an always fun accessory, boots. Mustard colored boots to be exact by mixing such a simply feminine piece with such a mannish boot, and paired with a strength reminding bag, our effect is simple, Alice Cullen pretty yet strong, powerful yet vulnerable.

Last but definitely not least is Bella Swan. She is the be all and end of this series, minus the really hot Edward Cullen of course. Her personality inspires her clothing, she steers clear of people, and therefore of bright colors, high heels, any thing a typical girl would gravitate towards. Therefore, this outfit was the most difficult. Not only did I need to convey a precedent of simplicity verging on invisibility, I had to also tweak it in order to make an outfit worth wearing on a date. I hope I have done that. I have paired a simple button tunic with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and some simple hoop earrings. The kicker to this outfit lies with the boots, bright red and hinting at a completely other side. Something that will be very obvious with Bella's character in the next movie Breaking Dawn. There also happens to be a very loud bag, something else I just had to throw in there for kicks and giggles, however, unlike my normal polyvore set, this bag is tiny similar to the size of bag Bella wore in Twilight the first film. Either way, this outfit will give you confidence as well as keep you from overcompensating with your assets :).

There you have, three outfits that may be perfect for the date of your dreams.

In closing, here are a few sets that I previously created for my NYC excursion that I had yet to post enjoy them, along with my new favorite theme song!