Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beatles Beatles Beatles

One of the most important and legendary acts of all time, must be the Beatles. I have yet to meet a "sane" person who does not like the Beatles for one reason or another. They inspired so many and can inspire so much in the ways of fashion. I was once asked by a friend, I have so many concert tees how do I wear them so that they don't look like I am going to mow the lawn? The trick is with a simple distressed t-shirt, you should highlight the other aspects of the look. I have separated each piece of a look, bottoms, the inevitable Beatles tee, shoes, bags, and even jewelry and hair accessories. I have also made sure that each piece is fifty dollars or less, except for the purses, I mean come on everyone needs a great bag!

To begin with, choose out of these amazing Beatles tees. Although personally, I got one of my fave Beatles t-shirts from a Wal-mart in Savannah, GA.

Second let's add the bottom half. I have included some skirt options, jean options, and some great jumper options. For those of you who like to try different things, nothing works better than taking a jumper and mixing it with a distressed concert tee.

Next we have the shoes, now you could do the simple and easy thing and put on black chucks (chuck taylors), but isn't the point to do something different with your wardrobe? I personally favor all of these different pairs, although I must be honest the black flat knee high boots are not under fifty dollars, but let's face it we all need at least one pair of good boots, especially for those of us who live or will live north of the Mississippi.

The next item on our agenda is bags, I haven't chosen many, because I think one good bag can go long way, especially if it is made well.

Oh and just so we are clear, not one of these bags retails over $200! I personally think that is a great deal for leather bags that can last a long time.

Last but certainly not least, jewelry and hair accessories. Now I tend to wear a lot of tams or hobo berets or slouchy hats, or whatever you may call them. Not everyone is like this, but that's just me. I also tend to wear more earrings and necklaces and less rings and bracelets, this must be the residual volleyball player in me. I have created five different jewelry and hat/ headband scenarios that will help compliment your new Beatles inspired look.

And there you have it, a complimentary menu of various sides and additives that will alter any concert tee based you look you prefer. And for your viewing pleasure,
the Beatles!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend

Now everyone pretty much knows the song, Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend, well I am here to tell you that this is a lie...

Shoes are undoubtedly a girl's BFF! Shoes can make or break any kind of outfit. Any and every outfit (except maybe haute couture) is made better due to the shoes. Today, I will show you three different outfits made with all the same shoes and would love if you look at how different each outfit is due to the shoes. Therefore, diamonds are cool and all, but shoes are the bees knees.

Let's start with a pair of my favorites found on polyvore, simple but beautiful peep toe pumps with a sort of t-strap across the ankle. Now these can make an outfit super dressy and fancy, really casual worn for a daytime date or a shopping outing, or these shoes can be worn out for a night on the town with the girls, or the hottie from your poli sci class.

First we have the evening look, something really simple and classy, but perfect for a wedding, a graduation, or even a dinner party. The dress adds to the drama of the shoes, the difference in color adds to the shock value, the red and teal mix keep it from looking boring. Simple earrings allow the dress and shoes to stand together without added distractions. The large brown bag creates a certain casual aspect, although it wouldn't take much to add a clutch instead.

Next we have the daytime look, perfectly appropriate for a lunch date,class, or a day out shopping with the girls. This outfit pairs these amazing pumps with an elastic high-waistband and a zipper up the back, along with a simple short sleeved tee, and a brown handbag large enough to hold all of the things necessary for shopping and/or going on a date. Thereby creating a simple easy outfit that is still quirky and new.

Last But certainly not least is the night out outfit. The outfit that is sure to make everyone standup and notice. It is yet again quite simple but still has some edge in both color and style. We mixed the lovely peep toes with a zippered ankle skinny jean in black, paired that with a teal necktie halter and a multicolored wristlet. That is a great outfit on its own, but if you would like something a little less revealing or at the very least with a different color combo than red and teal, we have this great purple top with a lace detailing on the front. It is a fantastic alternative, still extrememly appropriate for a night out!
Now you see, shoes can make or break the outfit, and one pair of shoes can alter the entire effect of the outfit.
Just so we are all clear, here is a more appropriate song instead of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" Shoes.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

One more post since it has been 12 days since I last posted...

Ok, so as we all know, I am moving to NYC in October. Now since it is New York and all, I will want to shop, but I don't want to arrive in sweats either. Therefore every chance I get, I want to remedy the wardrobe I do have, with either DIY ideas, or with Goodwill Target stops. Anyways I will post my dream versions of these outfits here once a month for your view. In the meantime, here is my ideal first day move in outfit along with what will be playing on my ipod from Paramore's new album, the song The Only Exception.
Just a side note, since I am not rich nor will my parents be supporting me by any means, I am going to be making sure that the totals of my outfits never pass the 100.00 mark, unless its the bag, because lets face it I pay money for my bags, that's what layaway is for right?

So here it is First day of school Part Un:

Oklahoma!! Where the wind goes yada yada....

I have recently been cast in the ensemble in Pull-Tight Players production of Oklahoma in Franklin, TN. I am so excited! Some might scoff, but considering A. this is only my second musical theater audition ever and I got the part, and B. I thought I hadn't made it at all, this is amazing news! In honor of this, and my journey to AMDA in the fall, I am doing a Oklahomaesque inspired clothing spread for day, night, and evening. I mean its about time right? I mean I do live in the country musical capitol of the world or so they told me. So here are three/ four outfits inspired by the musical Oklahoma.
First up its Oklahoma in the day for shopping, ice cream whatever...

Next, its a date or maybe a evening out with the girls...

Finally its the late night out, the party outfit...


Monday, May 3, 2010

How to wear one dress at least three ways

Here through the wonderful Polyvore site, I have taken a simple summer/ spring dress and made it ready to wear, with sunglasses earrings, and a lovely scarf and bag. If you prefer sandals in the summer here is another option.

Now in order to make this simple dress night on the town worthy just look to some these simple details.

And there you have it, one dress worn three ways with four or less accessories. Now you see why I love summer dress? Can't wait to show you how it works to take a summer dress and make it a winter one!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I know I know. But I'm still glad we had this time together

Hello One and All!
It has been quite a while since my last post, and I must say times have been achangin'. That's from a Bob Dylan song. And as usual his words speak to me.

Any who, I am officially leaving Belmont University. Life there has been interesting to say the least and after a lot of floundering, I finally figured out my purpose, musical theater. Therefore, in October, I am moving to NYC to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy for their integrated conservatory program. I am going to miss pieces of Nashville, but it is time to cut the cord. That also means it is time to adjust my blog's purpose. From now on, I will continue to discuss art,movies, and music, but I will also include blogs on fashion, books, and preparing to moving around 700 miles away from my family. This is a huge step for me, and I looking forward to it with both eyes open and ready for the unbelievable amount of work that is ahead of me.

And know this, as soon as I arrive with my new roommates, who I ironically made friends with at my audition into this school, I will be blasting every New York New York type song until my itunes runs out them. That means New York, New York- Liza Minnelli, New York, New York- Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly from On the Town; Empire State of Mind from Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.
Until then however....

Artist for the week, is Add ImageLeonid Afremov

Jukebox the Ghost, the band I found out about at the Ben Folds Concert back in May2009 at the Ryman are once again returning to Nashville. Click on the band for the dates.
And for your own amusement, here is the link to one of their best songs on youtube. Hold It In

This summer comes what we have all been waiting for!!
Twilight's Eclipse
Iron Man 2
Sex and the City 2
The A Team
Toy Story 3
And rounding out the summer season is Eat Pray Love

I am so ready for the summer! There is at least one movie for every person this summer. From the indie to the action blockbuster, this could really be a summer of epic proportions at the movies. Go forth and prosper!

Just started a new book! I know it has been forever since I could read purely for pleasure and nothing else, and my chosen read is Greywalker by Kat Richardson. The plot is as follows, a Seattle PI a woman who is very tall and amazon like gets beaten up on a case that technically leaves her dead for two minutes. After that she is able to go from our world to sort of a spirit realm, which leaves her open to all kinds of things bad and good. So far there are two main male characters not sure if she gets it on with either of them, but I am hopeful. So far so good, I am only about 155 pages in, and there is still that amount left, so I can't tell whether it is a good read, but at 3.98 from Borders, it is certainly a cheap one. Massive stand of clearance books at Borders on West End right now, so check it out if you can.

My new favorite trend that I haven't seen much so far, since there is a ridiculous amount of rain drenching the entire state of TN, is the vintage summer dress. Personally the summer dress is a favorite of mine any time of year. But in the summer, especially here in Nashville even shorts are too restraining. Basically it is best to let it all breathe and be free so to speak. Therefore I wear many dresses. You can do all sorts of things with them as well. The summer dress can be dressed up or down depending on your mood, and with millions of patterns and colors can be worn hundreds of ways. I tend to prefer solids so I can work in a whole lot of accessories, but others like large prints and minimal accessories. Adding earrings, a hat, or even putting your hair in a ponytail can completely alter a summer dress. And you can find summer dresses everywhere from vintage shops to Goodwills, even Target or Wal-mart!
For instance....
Ashley Tisdale simply pins her hair back (
Or perhaps Rachel Bilson, who dare I say it is one of the queens of the summer dress? She wears a large bag, sunglasses has her hair up but still keeps the accessories to a minimum.

All in all, do what you will but remember God didn't make those parts so that no air came to them!