Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow there are no words...

I have absolutely no words to describe how horrible I feel about the negligence of this blog upon my attending school in NYC. I have to say sorry, because even if this blog is purely just for my eyes and no one ever reads it, I still should have kept up a commitment for posts. In not doing so, various aspects of my life for the last 4 months will never be documented, nor can I ever hope to remember them in a full capacity.

Apology over, and now something new.
I am returning to Nashville, and by Nashville I mean Belmont University (I hope). In attending AMDA I have learned quite a few things about myself, my future, and my fashion sense. First of all, I never wear pants. It has become a sort of running joke with my classmates, because if I am in a pair of pants, then it is most likely that I am upset about something. I am a dress wearing girl, and I love it. So upon my return to Nashville, especially when it gets warmer, I plan on cultivating that love and not allowing it to alter in any way. Beginning with this little gem from Now I realize I didn't complete adhere to my under $100 price, however you can skimp on a good coat, ever. Therefore I am unabashedly over budget by about $20. Can you blame me?

And since I could not even begin to leave before I posted a delightful little tune that will certainly keep you going, here you go!
Now usually I try to place the originals of songs on this blog, because usually the covers are dismal, but I have made an exception. Glee is a show that has taken over the country and in doing so has revolutionized how people look at music, finally. Therefore, I see no reason why playing Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over via Glee is inappropriate. After all Glee has changed how we see music and isn't that what my new goal is after all? Changing myself?

Ta-ta darlings!