Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Well, I already posted for last Thursday, but I was in the mood for a double post this week. So here it is, I am posting Sunday, and then I will hit you again on Thursday! I know its like whoa too much in one week! But I am sure you will be able to handle it! Any who, a lot of my "friends" on facebook that will be attending American Musical Dramatic Academy are starting literally in a few days! I am so jealous of the summer starters!! Anyways, I am stuck waiting for October so I am going to , as I have previously told you, inundate you with a lot of first day and move in outfit choices. Anyways here is an outfit that has been inspired by two shows, Leverage and Sex and the City. Alrighty then, here we go!

I have this idea of going to my first AMDA class in this awesome dress and shoes and a great bag, ready and willing to learn all about the art of musical theatre. The issue in that lovely daydream, is the weather. I am unsure of October NYC weather, not sure what to make of it... So here is an outfit for the possibility of rainy day weather. The black dress is simple but chic, the jewelry is whimsical, but stays away from getting to flashy. There is always a need for a decent trench coat or peacoat, in northern states. The red heels are more of a wishful thinking aspect, most likely if it is raining, galoshes will be necessary
As always, I try to allow the finances for a good bag. You never can worry about what you spend on a bag as long as it is worth the price! I used Parker's black and wearable sense of style as inspiration, and well its obvious the Carrie influence deals with heels,coat,jewelry, and bag. Well if my first day requires raingear, then I am set to go!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ballet Schmallet! Well wait a minute...

As most of you should know by now, I will be attending AMDA this fall and since I will be dancing most of the time around 2-3 hours a day five days a week, I felt it was prudent to give you three looks inspired by the use of a leotard. I tend to not wanna have excess clothes prior to dance class, and like to implement my leo under my clothes, or as part of my ensemble. The trick, is to make sure that after class, a quick wash off and a thorough febreeze until you can change leos. That way the outfit can be used again with the sweaty leotard. I always carry either wet wipes and deodorant (for a refresher swipe under the armpits) or my grandmother used to have a wash cloth in a Ziploc bag, (one of the thick ones) to wet as needed and then put back into the bag. That way if you can't immediately change between dance classes and other classes, you won't look like a yucky sweaty mess!
Here we go!
Starting out at the barre: First Position

Now, I am a big believer in heels, but since I will be living in NYC, the prime walking capital of the world, I included a flat option. This outfit can also be worn in winter, just throw in a pair of tights a long sleeve leo. Personally, I think a good dose of red to an outfit can change your whole morale. What better way than an entire cardigan made out of red material? This outfit is sure to set a tone before class!

Second Position:

This set is a little more tame of an outfit. As per usual, there are flat and heel options, and the outfit minus the bag is under 100. I think this outfit speaks for itself, the pops of color along such a monotone palate really smack you in the face. Even the skirt with all its color maintains the same hue all the way around, and with the shoes that hue pops out at you. The little headband is simply and accent that can be worn as you choose, hair up or down, in a bun or braid. This outfit is certainly of the Swan Lake Variety.

Now while I always love my polyvore outfit sets equally, today I have one that just fits me who I am, a occasionally flashy somewhat conservative always bohemian and relatively trendy dresser. This outfit calls for a loud skirt and bright tights, something that not everyone will feel comfortable with during the day, but if you wear flats, a cardigan and have a plain leo on, it will seem like a normal outfit. However throw on some strappy heels, and rip off that cardigan and you can go party with the big dogs. I love multiuse things.

So there you have it, three outfits centered around a leo (leotard sorry guys forgot not everyone knows that) Just for positive thinking listen to this.

Friday, June 4, 2010

First Day of School Part Trois

You all didn't think I could possibly forget about my search for the perfect first day of AMDA outfit did you? Since I will mainly live in dance clothes for the next two years, I think to make a great first impression, I need to come to class ready for it all. What do you think of all these possible shoe and bag combos with the dress and tights? Which do you prefer? Depending on how I get to class that day, I might go with the flats or heels and then move forward in my decision from there. That in turn will help me decide how to pick from all the different bags. Shoes shouldn't clash with the bag, they don't have to match but they definitely can't clash. Well, what's your preference? Easy with ballet flats or show them who I am from day one TA-Dah! Heeled t-straps?

ASOS Nude Back Seam Sheer Tights, $8.45
ASOS 'Velvet Feel' 50 Denier Opaque Black Tights, $1.71
suede slouchy cuff bootie, $25
Qupid Neo-35 Berry Suede Women Boot, $20
Crackle Metallic Ballet Flats, $13
suede stud wrap around ankle boot, $12
Chelsea Crew Barbie, $50 Women's Merona® Reta T-Strap Pumps - Teal: Shoes, $26
Ruby Red Bow Toe Ballet Flats, $29
velvet finish ruffle front flat, $15
ASOS TABITHA Tie Front Snake Effect Shoe Boot, $25
It's A Mod World Oxfords-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes, $40
ASOS Premium Washed Leather Double Zip Satchel, $127
Lucky Brand Foldover Flap Vertical Crossbody Bag, $119
Action Packed Purse in Red, $38
Gap Leather Fold Over Bag, $135
Janelle's Gold Stamped Metal Teardrop Hoop Earrings, $20
Heir-bloom Ring in Old Gold, $13

Like I previously said, I will be deciding between all of my possible looks in October before I leave and piecing them together using, Target, Goodwill, Boutique sales, and hell even Wal-mart. While I love designer, it doesn't love me right now. Oh by the way each pairing, dress with tights and shoes and jewelry is all under 150.00. Damn I am good.
And for our parting, a little night music to get you and me in the mood.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Fallen Golden Girls

Unfortunately this morning, Rue McClanahan passed away. McClanahan was responsible for being part of the funniest and best comedic quartet on regular television ever. There is really no comparison, the Golden Girls was without the funniest and best show to ever grace television, yes it is better than Glee. Every member won at least one Emmy all were nominated more than once, and the show ended at seven seasons simply because Bea Arthur was tired, they were never canceled. In the last three years we have lost three Golden Girls, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, and today Rue McClanahan. The lone holdout is Betty White, who ironically was the eldest of the four. I hope that she continues on strong and stays with us for a long time. Anyways, In honor of these four unbelievably talented women, here are four Golden Girl Inspired Looks, all under 100 dollars of course, except for maybe the bags, because well you know my motto a good bag is hard to find!

Blanche Deveraux i.e. the sexy one (the slutty rich one)

Now the best thing about Blanche is simple, she loves men and sex and is not afraid to show it. Now, Blanche is forever lying about her age, in fact during one episode, Blanche asks Sophia what she thinks about her outfit. Sophia's words are (this is paraphrased) "Its to short its too tight for a woman your age." Now hopefully you don't fall into that category, so here is a modern take from Blanche's go to sexy date outfit. The one beside it is Blanche's everyday look. Bag shmag, she doesn't need money her date will pay for everything she wants or needs. A woman who knows how to use what she's got to get what she wants. She is a flashy woman from her head to her toes, and make sure you wear open toed shoes at all times with this one, Blanche was having a pedicure when her husband died, so feet to her are important.

Dorothy Zbornak i.e. the smart one (the tall educated one)
The best way to describe Dorothy is simple tastes and a solid belief in wearing the clothes, not allowing them to wear her. Dorothy's outfits on the show were never revealing, they didn't have minuscule hemlines and she very rarely wore heels certainly not the platforms present today. She was tall and built somewhat straight up and down, however when describing her look it was demure and classy. She had that inane sense of class, that couldn't be created, it came from her confidence and intelligence. These looks we have here one for her day and one for her night encompass that intelligence and relaxed sense of style. Along with a few sequins, because let's face it the eighties was all about the sequins.

Rose Nylund i.e. the nice one (the blond, dumb, and built one)
Rose's sense of style goes back to her roots as a Minnesota farm girl. She is big on lines, since she is somewhat top heavy, and therefore tends to wear less than clingy outfits. I have chosen two looks that epitomize Rose's day and night looks. Rose was considered the dumb one on the show, but when Betty White found out that Rose was the role she was to play, she panicked and the creator of the show told her to play Rose as someone who was terminally naive. Now not saying you have to be naive, but Rose played up her curves, in such a way that was both innocent and alluring. And heels are necessary, Rose Nylund was never not in a pair of heels.

Sophia Petrillo i.e. the old one (the sassy wisecracking, mean one)
Sophia is probably the hardest Golden Girl to pin down, simply because she won't be pinned down. How many women do you know in their eighties still getting it on? Sophia is sassy and is always ready with a unbelievably timed one-liner. Sophia is the one the others looked to for guidance all the while knowing the "Picture it Sicily" stories that she tells tend to be completely false. Sophia is a woman raring and ready to go, not willing to lay down and die, she is going to meet her maker dancing around in a red dress with fake chests. (If you don't understand the reference, I suggest you watch the episode "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun Before They Die.") Now I know you will notice the obvious choice of two pairs of shoes with Sophia's night outfit, now we all know Sophia was 80 and over, so she wouldn't have worn the platform shoes trend. Although I bet she wanted to, due to her lack of height. Therefore, for those girls who aren't and are vertically challenged and yet prefer not to wear a obscenely high platform, I have included a delicious flat just for you. And as far as the gold bag, eh I am supposed to take artistic liberties. Two things are synonymous with Sophia, a tan bag and a pair of glasses, she left a legacy that one. She's 80, not dead!

That being said our prayers and hopes and all that good stuff are with the Rue McClanahan family, and with all of the other lovers of TV's best The Golden Girls.