Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're Moving on Up

Well its official I received the acceptance letter last week, I will be returning to Belmont in the fall, however before then I am taking the max amount of transfer hours humanly possible. I am so determined to graduate asap, that I don't know what to do with myself. I therefore must focus on the new and incredible that is going to be happening soon. This year I am going to go out with guys of various types, have fun at different concerts, grow out my hair again (I really gotta stop cutting it off, maintain my fab figure, and then figure out my grad/law school plans. To start with, I need to focus on the most important thing ever, my first day of class outfit! complete with bag!! I am so excited, and just so we are clear I am graduating this time and getting Dean's list. So first things first, your music for such a delayed post is Glee's version of Florence and the Machine history in the making classic, Dog Days are Over. Now this is a quintessential remake in my opinion for the show because it adds a hopeful quality that wasn't available in the original version. There is a certain Katy Perry "Fireworks" Corniness that is available to the Glee version of the song, that speaks to me and gets me excited about life and the future. Hope it does the same for you to!

Now as for your art for the week, I wanted to instill some words that I got from church yesterday-- keep the foxes out of your garden. Do with that what you will!
Now I know it isn't the usual type of art that I showcase, but lets face it, sometimes words are all that will do!

Here is that outfit I have been promising you! What are your thoughts?