Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon Thanksgiving Belmont

So first things first, New Moon was fantastic. I mean seriously fantastic, without a doubt one of the best movies I have seen this year. I am already planning on seeing it again. Without a doubt much better than twilight. Thanksgiving was typical, semi enjoyable and semi irritating. I made an apple cider brined turkey. It was quite tender and good. I must say my turkeys get better and better every year. Moving on its time to get on the grind and get it together. I have decided to focus completely on school so I can get everything done and hopefully begin to prepare for the Christmas break. Belmont is a great school, but come the end of the semester you get so stressed out. Its amazing. I have two papers, an assortment of creative writing homework, and I need to lose 60 pounds. Its ridiculous so I might have and unfortunate lack of posts in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time, here is Edward Cullen. Oh by the way even if you hated the books, which I did, the movies are so much better!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Here

Thanksgiving break is among us. It is the time of year where we eat way too much unhealthy food, argue way too much with unhealthy relatives, and use a holiday that has origins that are way too unhealthy for actual thankfulness. Thanksgiving deals with the Pilgrims and Native Americans, however they then destroyed them later with fever and progress. That being said, I love Thanksgiving! I love eating to the point where you have to unbutton a few buttons on your pants. I love getting my family together and playing rummy, uno and board games. While I don't always like my family, it seems as if at the holidays all the negative memories dissipate for a day or two. Therefore, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving! Oh here's the most wonderful photograph I have ever seen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swing anyone?

Ok, so this week I have been procrastinating in a great way, and as a grand procrastinator, I have been thinking on my upcoming audition for the musical swing. I have to sing and dance, although there are various levels of dancing required for a part in the show. Issue number one: I have not danced in a couple of months, not to mention I am a little bit in the fat area right now. That being said, I also have three papers due this week, not to mention I am behind on a test in my Brit Lit class. I also have to pack up all my stuff because I am moving back to my father's house. This is without a doubt the most difficult thanksgiving/ christmas season ever. Did I mention that I am cooking most of Thanksgiving dinner, and I don't get out of school/ off work until that Wednesday! I don't know how I am going to do it. I am cooking for the most people I have ever cooked for, nine that is if my dad doesn't come. It may not seem like a lot to some, but when you usually cook for three including yourself, it is a big adjustment. Oh well, bring on the american standards practice!
Oh yeah I am so behind in Painting as well.....
Here ya go! the picture above is from a random yahoo search for anger. What do you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Justin Nozuka

The man is a poet, a god sent down from Mt. Olympus to gratify our needs for delectable song lyrics. Whew! That a great sentence, but seriously Justin Nozuka is a beautiful singer/ songwriter. The moment he went on stage with his extremely laidback demeanor and his really quiet voice, he controlled the room. Its amazing the amount of power one can have without raising your voice. Its really a great thing. My mother came with me, and even she (a self-proclaimed old-school only nut) had to agree that Nozuka had pipes. He's like a black guy in Japanese skin! She more or less said. Now, not to stereotype, but I think that's part of why he is so popular. He is not like Jon Mclaughlin or any of the other VH1 you ought to know's guys, which is why he has had so much staying power. The music he creates has an r&b edge, a certain depth that can't be sung just any kind of way. My only complaint is too many drunk idiots both male and female at Mercy Lounge. Jeez if you only want to drink and talk go to a bar, don't pay fifteen bucks in addition to your drinks, that is just stupid! Therefore, listen to Nozuka, he rocks! Oh here's your picture of the blog....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear John

It has recently been brought to my attention that yet another Nicholas Sparks book is being made into a movie. I have to applaud this decision with every fiber of my overly romantic being. In the opinion of this blogger, Nicholas Sparks writes crap. His books are boring and difficult to get through and in textual space are antiquated and ridiculous. However, his books remade into films are fantastic. They are just the right amount of romance and drama that keep it grown up, but at the same time are almost believable enough to make them realistic. The new film, Dear John stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried two up and coming Hollywood hotties. Obviously I have slight bias towards both of them, Channing in She's the Man, Step Up, GI Joe, and Seyfried actress from Mamma Mia and Jennifer's Body. Here's a trailer it actually looks good.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take What You Will From This

Back from my long hiatus, I have three various pieces of news information for you.

As I have noted many times on this blog, three of my favorite artists are John Mayer, Justin Nozuka, and Michael Buble. I am really excited to note, Justin Nozuka concert next week here in Nashville at Cannery Ballroom and John Mayer just posted a complete concert schedule for next spring. Yay!

In other news, there was recently an Manic Street Preachers's album cover so beautiful and provocative that it was deemed inappropriate, don't you just love it when art resurfaces with such immense power, that it "has" to be censored by the media? I love this so-called democracy. Its a fantastic thing. Anyways here's the painting, and I am for one and unclear of its so-called inappropriateness... You decide.

Oh and finally, Twilight:New Moon will be coming to theatres on November 20, 2009. I for one am extremely excited about it, and this is how I justify my love of the books and the first movie. Its pure unadulterrated teen awkwardness at its peak. In my opinion, the Twilight books stink, they are unoriginal and very teenage in their writing structure. However, that's what makes them addicting. The love that is bigger than two species, the oddness of both main characters, and the awkwardness that is felt in every first real teen relationship is put into easily understood words in Stephanie Myers novels. The only difference being the final book which is just really cool fantasy stuff. I can't help it I think that imagining a fantastical romance with a vampire who is a hottie like Robert Pattinson would be just an amazing experience.